Nutrition Counseling

icons_template_spineNutrition Counseling: Along with exercise, proper rest, good mental attitude and a healthy nervous system, DIET is a major component of health and wellness. While it is universally agreed a good diet is linked with health, not many of us act on that knowledge and many are unclear what foods we should eat.

The reality is that our environment is polluted and our food chain is depleted due to the fact that the fruits and vegetables we consume are rarely grown organically. In an effort to “fill in the cracks” of our nutrition, many of us take vitamins that are synthetic and/or “high-potency”. Even these substances make changes in our bodies that over time leave us depleted leading to other health problems.

While synthetic and high-potency vitamins appear to be good for us, our bodies were designed to get our nutrition through food when it is in the form of whole food complexes. As an example, the FDA requires that marketed vitamin C contains ascorbic acid. While this is a component of vitamin C it only represents one of the many known components in the vitamin C complex found in organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Too often one component of a whole food complex is extracted and concentrated then offered into our bodies in a ratio the Mother Nature never intended. In this concentration minerals can be leeched out of other tissues and result in other deficiencies.